FräuleinMutti: Waldorf animals knit

FräuleinMutti: Waldorf animals knit

ABBREVIATIONS LM = chain stitch M = stitch FM = single crochet dc = double crochet half dc = half double crochet Verd. = double together from = decrease together KM = slip stitch Rnd = round * Repetition mark for pattern repeat ANLE

I discovered crochet sponges for myself almost a year ago – and since then sponge wool has been one of my favorite materials. Since logically not only chic instructions can be found here, but also on other blogs, I have summarized my favorite instructions for you. Last year I discovered my love for sponge yarn. Since then… Read more …

CROCHET PENGUIN PATTERN, amigurumi penguin pattern, stuffed penguin toy, plush toy pattern #amigurumi #filled #hakelpenguin #pattern

. IxSix of my new kids🌷I call them “cool kids” because they were inspired by #coolluipold 🌷 (All six of these kids have been sold to…

Step by step Amigurumi tutorial – Amigurumi X

Dolls blanket

Berta A..Vergara Santos / katxirula.blogspo … – #AVergara #Berta #katxirulablogspotcom #Santos

Crochet Monkey Free Pattern – Crochet this simple cheerful monkey amigurumi with my video tutorial and the free – #BabyKnits #crochet #Crocheting #Free

37+ Free Amigurumi Crochet Doll Pattern and Design ideas #knitteddolls – Query Pin Blog


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